About Me

Hey, there! I am Sakshi, an engineer and now a blogger by passion. I love to sing and write as well. There must be a big question mark, what made me stepped into cooking? But yes, I love to eat also. Well! That is how I started building interest in cooking. The best thing I ever came across was writing the things I love so I decided to write my own recipes and reach out to the people who are just like me.

The good part of this blog is the recipes which I am usually interested in, are easy to make. The person who doesn’t know cooking at all, so you are in the right place. Limited and easy to buy ingredients, simple to cook as well. Since many of you eat outside but not aware of recipes that you mainly eat, here you will find some.

What motivates me to cook?

My inspiration – My Mom. She loves to cook but honestly, I was not at all into cooking. So what helped me continuing interest in cooking? By seeing her dedicatedly making new recipes and serving them to all of the family members.

What’s unique here?

Especially for the students who are staying away from their home and want to cook on their own. Also, wants to surprise your loved ones? Some dishes will surely help you out in doing that as well. It feels heaven to see someone is happy by serving them the dish which is made by you. I did. Will you?


Reach out to the newbie who is willing to cook but stuck how to?


Out with the easiest and simplest dishes that will definitely help newbies to cook.